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Fibersand F55

  • High quality fibre Sand
  • Based on a simple but highly effective concept of using synthetic fibres to stabilise a quality Silica Sand in order to produce a free draining yet relatively firm, sure footing surface.

The rot proof polypropylene fibres stable the Silica Sand particle movement when the surface is subjected to compressive and/or shear forces from the horses hooves.

The net result of this stabilisation or increase in cohesion is that the Penetration of the horses hooves into the surface is restricted to a few centimetres, the actual depth of penetration being determined by the gait of the horse and also the condition of the surface.

Both fibersands are offered F45 and F55 which is a more recent grade based on slightly finer sand specifically developed to provide a cost effective manège surface.

Both surfaces can be used alone or with a chopped rubber topping. Fibersand is approved by the Jockey Club and is reliably used in numerous manège, gallop and equestrian users.

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